Sunday, January 23, 2011

My School's Chorus Is Better Than Your School's Chorus

Your first essay assignment in class is to write an essay arguing that something you like is better than something else. As we discussed in class, college level writing is about supporting your arguments with FACTS and not opinions. We'll use this comparison of two award-winning school chorus classes to start thinking about how to do this. This is the Oxon Hill High School Chorus from Maryland. Check them out.

This chorus recorded an album at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN, which won them the Stellar Award for Children's Musical Performance in 2010. The choir performs in several languages, including Latin, English, and Swahili. They have performed across the country in cities such as Orlando and Los Angeles. They get calls to perform from as far away as Japan and Africa. You can check out their website.

Now, check out the PS 22 Elementary School Chorus from New York City, NY.

This chorus is scheduled to perform at the 2010 Academy Awards on January 25th. They also performed at the 2010 Webby Awards, at the 2009 White House Tree Lighting Ceremony with Common, and at the window unveiling at Saks Fifth Avenue. They have sung in front of and with numerous other celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Stevie Nicks, Matt Damon, and Queen Latifah. You can check out their blog here.

As a comment, write about which chorus you are more impressed by and why. MAKE SURE THAT YOU INCLUDE YOUR NAME AS IT IS LISTED ON THE CLASS ROSTER. For class, begin thinking about what FACTS you would use to support an argument that one chorus is better than another. You can use your own interpretations of their talent, so long as they are critically expressed and not "I just like this one better". You can also use awards and accolades as proof of superiority. Come to class with a ready opinion.


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  2. I am more impressed by the PS22 Chorus because the choir is made up of young children, and it is amazing how well they sing at their age.

  3. RaShell Williams

    The PS22 was more appealing to me. They are starting out very young so when they stay together and get older the voice will already be ready. The other group were great but I'm going for the PS22 group.

  4. I am more impress with the Nashville choir bc I feel as though they are not following the trend of the world. Willie Massey

  5. ShaRiece Pinkston

    Oxon Hill High School caught my eye the most beacause, their vocals sound better than PS22.

  6. Neville.Mbarika

    I like the PS22 Chorus, not only because it is made of young people ,but because it is made up of young white and black kids who seem to go along with each other and bring out their best.This is amazing! As compared to the other Choir's chorus which is made up only of matured black and women who have already taken a stand in their life of whether to mix with others or not.Unity is power and only those who are united can really run the town.Yes these Kids can .

  7. I preferred Oxon Hill High School Choir. They were more polished and more pleasant to listen to. I also enjoyed listening to the complexity in their voices. PS22 were cute, but they sounded and acted a bit too much like kids bop to me.

  8. I like the PS22 chorus because its made up of young children and they are good.

    Marsha Dorsey

  9. I was really impressed with PS22 choir. They are kids and they sound way better then some audlt choirs. They had technic and in the future they will blow people away.
    Tia Ayo

  10. I was more inpressed with Nashville choir because I am a big gospel fan and those young adults are very skilled and have an awesome voice.

    Jessica Cole