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THIS ASSIGNMENT IS DUE THURSDAY AT NOON. Many apologies for not posting on Friday, thus the extra time. You submit your assignment by posting it as a comment below with your name (as it appears on the roll) on it.
1. Watch these clips the British teen drama Skins (it's been broken into parts):
Skins 1.1
Skins 1.2
Skins 1.3
Skins 1.4
Skins 1.5
*pay special attention to the differing roles of males and females on the show*
2. Write a 2-3 paragraph essay addressing ONE of the following topics. If you write a full 5-7 paragraph essay, you will be given a half letter grade boost. Make sure you refer specifically to scenes from the episode.
-On Skins, what do the concerns of the male characters seem to be? What are the consequences for not living up to gender expectations?
-How are females portrayed on the show? Are all female characters expected to behave the same way or are there different expectations for different kinds of women?
-How do visual components of Skins (how characters look, what the camera focuses on, scenery, etc) contribute to your understanding of the gender relationships on the show?


  1. Whitney, Ariel M.

    The stereotypical role of women and men in society is reflected through gendered toys, books, television and other things. Women are supposed to cook, clean, nurture, and reproduce. Men are supposed to work and provide for their families. In some instances, women are used as sex symbols. The visual components of "Skins" show me that the relationships between the male and female characters are sexual.
    Tony's comforter on his bed has a naked male and female on it. The camera makes sure that this is seen when he lies in bed. Tony and Michelle, make a lot of sexual contact on the show, and he also tries to plan a way for Sid to lose his virginity. He asks Jal, and he even asks his own girlfriend, Michelle, to break Sid's virginity. The females on the show are basically seen as sex partners to the males on the show.
    Tony's neighbor, a woman, allows him to see her naked through her window. Tony sees her sexual side, and this is what she wants him to see. She does not react when Tony watches her, and she knows that he enjoys watching her. She makes flirtatious eye contact with him when she sees him outside, and she stood naked in front of her window the next morning. They are sexually attracted to one another.
    There were pictures of naked women on the walls of Mad Twatter's house where Sid got the drugs from. Women dressed in provocative clothing were in the house, and one woman asked Sid if he was there for Mad or a threesome. These women were obviously there for sexual means, and Mad is using the women and drugs to make money.
    The way females are shown through the scenery and characters tells me that the females are seen as sex symbols. Tony displays the role of the males in the show. They just want to have sex with the females. The relationships between the males and females on "Skins" is sexual.

  2. Massey, Willie N

    Female gender roles are portrayed in various ways, in the television show Skins. Three basic roles that are portrayed in the television show played by women are "Barbie" the image of the pefect woman, for sexual pleasures only, and the ifinite only friend's category. Skins shows the different portrayls of females and how men react to those different portrayals of the roles that females play. In reality, females are working toward the same common goal, which is acceptance of the opposite sex.

    Skins potrays the character of Michelle as the so-called "Barbie" or the perfect woman. She has long beautiful long legs, a petite frame, and a pretty face. Michelle plays the gender role of the perfrect female, in the scene of her walking into the coffee shop looking as though she owned no imperfections recieving attention from all the sourounding males.

    The second gender role is portrayed with females being sex symbols. The young women are just throwing themselves at the young men, who are basically strangers. Tony and Sid planned to use the influence of drugs to get a young woman into bed with Sid. Sid goes along with the plan so he would not have to face the scrutiny over being a virgin, willing to use a young lady for sex. The acceptance of the females contribute to their role of a being using sexual.

    The third way is the infamous just friends. This usually occurs when there is no physical attraction felt between one or both parties and/or there is too much respect in the relationship for a sexual relationship. The young black girl plays the role, geing a pretty but plain young lady. She wears no make-up, her hair is pulled back, and she wears loose clothing. Tony and his friends sit around in a circle, while passing a cigarette and she is the only female and the young men behave as though there is no female within the circle. They pass her the cigarette, which shows they consider her one of the guys, and she goes along with what they say and what they do.

    Tje females in Skins behave differently and full fill different gender roles. You have those who take the time and effort to become this so called perfect image in the eyes of society. There are the women who ignore vaules and just sleep with anyone and there are the women who are just considered to be one of the guys. Although all these female characters play different female gender roles, they all want the samething, which is acceptance from the opposite sex.

  3. Cole, Jessica R

    The female gender roles are shown in many ways,in the show Skins. The picture of a "perfect female" and what a female should look like is displayed, for sexual entertainment, and we are friends only nothing more or nothing less.

    Michelle was the women that most feel that everyone should look like. She had the just right size, the perfect walk, the beautiful face with out bumps and spots and the wind blow her hair just right.Michelle just know with out out doubt any man she want she can get at the drop of the hat. She really just beleive that the world sits on her shoulder and everythings stop when she wants it as well as move when she wants it.

    Most male female are only used for entertainment to cook, clean, bring them beer for football games and sex roles in bed. The way today society is some females don't mind being used for entertainment purpose are being passed around from this guy to that guy.Thats how a lot of females establish a man for themseleves while young and it stays with them for the rest of there life sad but

    There is always this one female who are always with the guys. All the guys treat her like the guys just like Tony did to the young black girl they sit around in the circle while smoking and passing it to the guys she never got left out because she is one of them.Never really consider them to be girls because nine times out of time she is consider to be one of the and just like she went along with the flow that's what most of the females do.

    There were many different roles shown and displayed in Skins.They film touched on lots of geneder roles for females most might even say it was steroetype when in really each one of us females fit into one or all the roles that were displayed in Skins.

  4. ShaRiece Pinkston

    The show "Skins" basically focuses on the differnet roles of males and females. On the show the males are determined to have sex and do drugs.One character on the show seems to get alot of attention from the females because hes good looking. Therefor its not hard for him to get what he wants from a female. But his friend on the other hand seems to have a difficult time getting a female to even look his way unless the female is under the influence.
    The females on the show definitely were wild, they were focused on sex just as much as the young men. There are definitely different expectations for certain females, it depends on the way that you carry yourself. The camera focused on young slim guys and young slim girls with nice figures. The one girl that everyone was attracted to had a cute face, slim, long legs, so basically they were selling her as the perfect girl. Apperance is everything to some people, and some actually feel that if they dont live up to others expectations then they wont be accepted.

  5. Williams, Rashell

    In the show "Skins" British the male are concern on getting laid. Tony is trying to get his friend get laid final. If you are not getting laid or having sex you are not yet at the peck of your man hood. Since everyone is doing it he want to do it. In the first scene we are meeting the characters.

    All of tony friends are different but he just stands out. Tony is like the cool person in the group. He call every one tell them when to meet and just cool. When young me get laid that complete their man hood for now. No young men thinks there a man until they have had sex. In his case he is the one that they are main focus on by have sex. Scene two shows how he pick out the girl that he want. They go for help from older and good people.
    In the end Sid is still in the V club.

  6. Shameika Webb

    The Females in the show Skins are protrayed in different ways. There's the pretty plain girl thats just a friend, There's the beautiful girl that has everyone's attention, and there's the girl's that are considered wild, easy, drug user's, and sex symbols.

    They have the female that's just like one of the guys.She respects herself and only consider the guys as friends and wants nothing more but friendship.She's average, plain and the guys don't consider her as being one of the sexual females.

    There are some females who are protrayed as sex symbols. They are willing to have sex with guys they don't know. The guys influence the females to have sex with them for drugs. Sex play's a major role in this show; there where nude pictuers basically throughout the entire show. These females only care about guys, partying, drugs and sex.

    There's the female thats beautiful and perfect she lives the life every female wants. She has everyones's attention, she stands out from the other females. This is the girl that does a little of everything, but has a limit to it.

    The males really don't have any respect for some of the females. Sid and Tony are willing to do just about anything to get the female's to have sex with them. Tony mainly because he's trying to get Sid to give the females drugs for sex, just so Sid can say he's no longer a virgin.

    I think everyone on the show wants a little attention from someone. From the pretty girl that has everyone attention I mean being beautiful is not always an easy job it comes with a lot of hard work. To the pretty but plain female that's considered just a friend. And the sex symbol feamles that's willing to do just about anything partying, drugs, and sex with stranger's.

  7. Rose, Jordan T

    In the television series "Skins" the main topic of the show is sex and the idea of having sex . The females is this series are portrayed as sex symbols, friends, and the perfect Barbie dolls.

    In the process of Sid losing his virginity, Tony sends him to the house of some female prostitutes, to i guess, get some practice. These females are willing to do anything, with anybody. Making them a sex symbol. Sex, basically is their life.

    also in the show there is the girl who is just a friend. she has intentions on having sex with any of the group of boys. She is the type of female who can be around the group and have no sexual intentions whatsoever.

    Lastly, there is the perfect Barbie doll who seems to be flawless. She catches the eye of every guy when she walks. She is the type who can do anything she wants whenever she wants.

    There were many different types of females shown in the series Skins. The series displays these types of females to show that females are unique in every way.

  8. Ayo, Tia S.

    Skins show the female role in various ways. They show them for one as being a sex symbol, two by being that girl that wants to be accepted, and also that bestfriend. It shows how males react when women play part in all of these roles.

    In Skins most of the females played a part as being a sex symbol. They all basically threw themselves onto the males. They were always trying to get as much attention as they could. Tony was even willing to give a female drugs just to have sex with Sid, and she was willing.

    Abby plays the role of the girl that just wants to be aacepted. She is kind of that girl because she cares about what her parents think. But she still wants to be apart of the in crowd.

    The black girl has the role of the bestfriend. And they know she will not take part in any of their games that they try and play on girls. She just sits around with them and talk about everything they talk about just to be accepted.

    Skins have a various of different roles. and the females behave different and react differently to the gender roles. There are some that wants to be that sex symbol that every guy likes and wants. There is even that girl that wants to be down but too afraid of her parents. And also you have that girl that just doesnt take the crap. Even though all of these roles are different that the females are playing, they are all just trying to be accepted by the males.

  9. Neville Mbarika.

    Gender being the physical and/or social condition of being a male or female. The steriotypical gender role of men and women in the society are reflected through religion,television,parents,toys,books ans so on.Men who are supposed to be leaders and providers both to their respective families and the society ,and women are supposed to nurture and care for thier families. this is not the reality in some cases,women are used as sex symbols.The visual component of "Skins" potrays the relationship between the male and female characters as sexual.

    First of all,Tony's comforter on his bed has a naked male and female on it. The camera makes sure that this is seen when he lies in bed. Tony and Michelle, make a lot of sexual contact on the show, and he also tries to plan a way for Sid to lose his virginity. He asks Jal, and he even asks his own girlfriend, Michelle, to break Sid's virginity. The females on the show are basically seen as sex partners to the males on the show.This makes me understand that the relationship between male and female is sexual.

    Secondly,there were pornographic pictures of naked women on the walls of Mad Twatter's house where Sid got the drugs from.Two women dressed in provocative clothing were in the house, and one woman asked Sid if he was there for Mad or a threesome.In addition to this,these women were obviously there for sexual means, and Mad is using the women and drugs to make money.Thus, the visual components of "Skins" show me that the relationships between the male and female characters are sexual.

    Moreover,Tony's neighbor, a woman, allows him to see her naked through her window. Tony sees her sexual side, and this is what she wants him to see. She does not react when Tony watches her, and she knows that he enjoys watching her. She makes flirtatious eye contact with him when she sees him outside, and she stood naked in front of her window the next morning even when the husband told her stop.This shows that they are sexually attracted to one another.This also approves the fact that the relationships between the males and females on "Skins" is sexual.

    Lastly,At the party ,we see Danuta makes fun of Sid's hands and cock as being tiny,she hinks he is not the perfect guy to hand arround with ,but at the arrival of Chris on the seen ,her attitude emidiately changes .She was have necket and were making love with him while in the car when Tony and others were rushing to the hospital to save Cassie who was deep at sleep.Danuta potrays the female gender as being ok to be seen as sex symbols while Christ reaction on the girl that call for the party showes that the male gender see the female as sex symbols.

    Finally,from this series "Skins", females characters such as Michelle,Cassie,and may others are shown through the scenery ,and these characters tells me that the females are seen as sex symbols. Tony is the displayer of the role of the males in the show. These male just want to have sex with the females except for Sid who tries so hard to be like Tony and others ,but Sid is still in the (Virgen-club).And Danuta and Tony's female neighbour who stress the fact that women are accept to be seen as sex symbols.Thus,the relationships between the males and females on "Skins" is sexual.

  10. Jasmyne Williams

    This is a very interesting show. It seems to be about "shaging" and drugs everyone is so open with it. It in a way is a different way on acting and portraying young characters.

    Females in the show are portrayed as sexual beings who are very open to having sex.There weren't many other sides that were shown of the women. Refering back to the neighbor from across the street she waas just open with her body and she wanted the young character to see what she had. i could say it was because she wanted him or because she felt unappreciated in a loveless marriage. But throughout the show the women seemed to be tools used just so somebody could have sex with them.

    I dont think that all female characters were supposed to act like that, because the one in the begining playing the clarinet didnt. she was sensable and cared about what she did.

    The two in home hookers in a way added an entire totally different level to the way that women were portrayed in this show. they were open about what they did, what they wanted, and how they were getting it.

    women in a instance didnt really have to be in the show. If you took the sex out and the females there would really be no show at all. its funny how the show actually revolves around them but its not rally shown bluntly

  11. Randall Harris

    I actually like the show. I think it is very good and interesting for teens today. I think it kinda reminds me of American Pie too. They are very similar in many ways.

    This show is very sexually oriented and basically because that is what is on teens minds now a days. Females are potrayed as sex symbols or toys and are ok with it in this show. In real world, teen world, most teen girls are ok with it.

    It also shows how dudes do drugs, well girls too. This is also common in teens today too. Partying, sex, drugs, are all focused in this show, which is why it catches the eye of a regular teenager.

    When it comes down to it, in my opinion all females are basically potrayed the same. Sex is a big factor in this show. It goes from the cool person who gets all the sex, to uncool who is still a virgin.

    This show is quite commical to. We have to remember that this is just a show, but at the same time it potrays so many actual things in society and stereotypes. I like this show and plan to watch more of it in the future.

  12. Emily Truelove

    The show Skins portrays different stereotypical roles between men and women. The main stereotype that is shown is that all men care about is sex. All they think about is that they want to have sex with a woman. If a man did not have sex, and was still a virgin, then he was looked down upon. He would not even be considered to be a man, simply because he was still a virgin.

    During the show, Tony was trying to get his friend Sid a girl to have sex with him because he was still a virgin. All of Sid's friends had sex before and in order for him to fit in, and be a real man, he also had to lose his virginity. As a result of Sid still being a virgin, he was looked down upon and belittled by all of the characters. Even the girls treated him different than they treated Tony, who has slept around a lot.

    Tony is the prime example of the stereotype that all men think about is sex. Every time Tony approaches a girl, there is some sexual meaning behind it. Whether it is him looking at her lustfully or it is the conversation they are having, there is some reference to sex. Even Tony's blanket on his bed is a naked man and woman laying next to each other. From the very start of the show it is obvious that sleeping with girls is what Tony cares about the most.

    The way that Sid views Tony is that he is the guy that Sid wants to be. If given the chance, Sid would switch lives with Tony in a heartbeat. In Sid's mind Tony has it all; the sexy girlfriend, the most popularity with all the girls, and the close guy friends that will follow him. Where as Sid is seen as the loser who has no girlfriend, no popularity at all with the girls, and unwaivering friendships with the other guys.

    During the entire episode of Skins, it shows the stereotype that all men think about is sex. They can not think about anything else when it comes to women. A man is seen as weird and wimpy if he is still a virgin. Therefore, all of the guys in the show have to have sex in order to be seen as real men.

  13. Dominique Adams

    On the show "Skins" females are portrayed as sex symbols. Tony's neighbor was used as a sex symbol by allowing Tony to look at her naked through the window. The hookers was used as an easy way for Sid to loose his virginity. Michelle was every boy fantisy because of her perfect shape and flawless body.

    All the female characters are expected to behave the same way because they all react the same way to Tony. All the female characters was attracted to Tony and started throwing themselve at him. They all was very sexual with Tony and wanted to be accepted by him. Almost all the girls in the show wanted to have sex with somebody or even the same person.

  14. Bobby Bell

    On the show "Skins" males are portrayed as being driven only by sex. That is true in many high schools. The episode first starts off with Tony looking across the street at a naked woman. Tony is considered to be, "the man" because he gets laid a lot and his seems to have a way with the ladies. His friend Sid on the other hand is the complete opposite.
    If your not having sex then you are considered a loser in this show. Sid, is Tony bestfriend and he is the exact opposite of Tony. Sid is a virgin and is his social circle that is unacceptable. Even the girls that are considered his friends talk down apon him and look at him like, "get a clue."
    All the male characters are expected to have the same drive in life right now, which is sex. But, some people develop at different times that's why there some much difference in between the two main male characters.

  15. There are various ways "Skins",the show protrays the female roles. There is the perfect female that every male wants. Some females are protrayed as sex symbols. on the other hand,there is the female that they look at as the out going on the wild side do whatever kind of female. And there is the female that just wants to fit in.

    Tony, was just the bad (typical) guy out the bunch. He always tried ways for Sid to lose his virginity. Abby, just wanted to fit in. Michelle is proclaimed to be the perfect one female that every man wanted.

    Females are consicered sex symbols because of the way they carry themselves. A bona fide sex symbol will come along to stand out from the pack. These women are synonymous with the S-word because they make men think impure thoughts rather than associate them with any particular movie role, product or publicist-constructed persona.

  16. Skins is awesome. It’s a provocative, surprising well thought out show centering on a group of teenagers in their pursuit of sex, drugs, and a good time while making their way through the complications of life and relationships. While the males seem to be more focused on the sex and a good time the females are a little more diversified in their depiction and aims.

    On the show females can be broken into three categories: the Sexual Conquests, Friends, and Nurturers. The Conquests would be girls like Michelle and Cassie. Beginning and end of the boys’ attention to them is centered on when and how they can have sex with them. Both seem to know their place in the dynamic. Michelle rarely is seen not clutching to Tony and when Cassie is first along with Sid she asked him if he was ready to have sex with her. The second type is the friend. Jal best depicts this group. The boys expect nothing more than her companionship and are quite shocked when later on in the series she decides to explore her more feminine side. The last group is the nurturers. They are the mothers and sometimes the teachers in the background cheerfully making life easier for the others.

    There are definitely different expectations between the types of females. The Conquests are expected to look nice and be open to sex at all times. They should always be up for a party and be relatively drama free. The Friends are allowed to be more complex. They are shown as having more going on in their life and their thoughts and opinion matters more to the group. A great example would be Jal and Michelle again. Jal dresses more conservative and have her clarinet. When Tony talks to her he is a bit more respectful and allows her to berate him. Michelle, on the other hand, tends to dress more sexualized. In later episodes she told Jal, “You have your clarinet and I have my looks. I make sure I’m shaggable at all times”. Her opinion matters for little. In the very beginning of the first episode when Tony was calling her “nips” she complained and her completely ignored her even though the viewer could plainly hear the discomfort in her voice.

    Interestingly, it seems that the more liberated a female is, the cooler she is. A powerful example of that is Effy, Tony’s sister. She rarely says a word yet has her friends, admirers and family, especially Tony, wrapped around her finger. When the audience sees out partying she looks fearless. Unlike Michelle or Cassie, she doesn’t use males to validate her fun. Effy simply does what she wants because she and solely she wants to do it. A great example in contrast would be Angie, the psychology teacher. She is first seen crying in the classroom because of a breakup then fighting and eventually submitting to the desire of her underage student. The students have no respect for Angie. They barely view her as an authority figure.

    Although the roles for males and females seem highly rigid in Skins there is some room for growth. While Michelle never quite gets out of being the Conquest, Cassie and Jal develop into more well rounded characters. The downside is both characters are increasingly invested in obtaining the affections of the most important man in their life. For Jal it was her father, then Chris and for Cassie it was Sid. It can be inferred that in the Skins world once a female start to focus on a male she loses her power. Or, maybe a better viewpoint is that the show was primarily written by men looking sensationalize ever plotline for drama. Either way, the show still makes for good entertainment.

    Jimmica Young

  17. Female gender roles are portrayed in a lot of ways. Skins shows different portrayls of females and how men react to them. In all actuality females are working toward the same goals which is acceptance from the other sex. The young women are just throwing themselves at the men. The females in skins behave different. Some take the time to become this so ca;;edperfect image, others just sleep with guys and ignore their values. Most are betrayed to cook, clean, and bring beer for the football games. Intrestingly the more liberated a female is, the cooler she is. If she fits in they don't seem to treat her any different its like shes one of them.,but if she sleeps around shes the typical sex symbol that all the guys imagine being with.

  18. Wilson,Richard D

    I feel like in the show females and male really do the samething thing. But just in different ways.

    All of the shows was goood to me because is show young people how thing reaally are