Thursday, February 24, 2011

CARTOONS! And race....

Watch these cartoons!

Now, think about the ways that each race is portrayed in each cartoon. Do these cartoons rely on racial stereotypes to create a plotline, humor, or a point? Is this done in a way that is offensive or inoffensive? Why? What do you think about the cartoon's handing of race? Does it confirm ideas/stereotypes you already have of the mannerisms, behavior, or culture of certain races? I am not asking you if you think that either show is an ACCURATE portrayal of anything. I am asking you to look at HOW race is portrayed in each show. If King of the Hill was your only window into "whiteness" and The Boondocks was your only window into "blackness", what would you think of each of these two races? Post a well-written, well-constructed paragraph as a comment below. DUE FRIDAY BY NOON. Your paper assignment will be posted here TOMORROW BY NOON.


  1. Ariel Whitney

    These cartoons rely on racial stereotypes for humor, and I believe that it is inoffensive. I believe that most people find stereotyping funny,and many television shows use stereotyping to create humor. These cartoons confirm stereotypes that I am familiar with. If King of the Hill was my only window into "whiteness", I would think that white people are country, and they like to do outdoor things like hunting. If The Boondocks was my only window into "blackness", I would think that black people curse and call each other names a lot.

  2. If fell that that these cartoons are based on racial stereotypes that make borderline plotlines for humor that resolve to a point.Like in The King of The Hill, they use the likeness of how white people are gun fiends and they start there young off early with weapons.Not that every white family like this, but i bet you know one similar too. That makes it funny that you can relate with own experience, if not laugh from distance with the stereotypes that are being portrayed. In the Boondocks if fell that they cover vast stereotypes of black people, showing that were not all loud and obnoxious, but some are.

    By:kyle mcclay

  3. Richard Wilson

    I fell these cartoons are both useing racial stereotypes. Like in The king of the Hill, they use how white people like gun's and teach their kids how to use them. Not saying all white people like weapons, but most of them like weapons. In the Boondocks it shows alot of stereotypes toward each other. In the Boondocks cartoons you see were they have kids running around dirty and stuff like that, but in The King of the Hill you don't


    I believe that these cartoons are using racial stereotype. In my opinion they are inoffensive. I think that the cartoons add racial jokes to make the cartoon funnier. From the outside looking in, I would think that white people teaches their children to use guns at an early age, even though guns are dangerous, based on The King of the Hill cartoon. Based on the Boondocks my view on black people would be that they curse a lot, are loud, and call each other mean names.


    It is true that white these cartoons are using racial stereotype to make fun,In my opinion it is offensive ,but only to an extend.First of all ,the fact that the white people teach their children how to use guns, but no all whites do that as in King of the Hill.But on the other hand ,whites take care of their family.However in Boon-docks is not the case , neighbours that don't go along with each other ,that curse a lot ,are loud ,and call each other mean names.

  6. In The Boondocks, it seems as if race was the focal point. The characters define their personalities by what race they are and how they perceive they fit into the stereotype. In KOTH, race isn't that much of an issue. The characters have a subscribe to a certain set of norms that is dictated by their region.

  7. I feel that the cartoons are only set on racial stereotype. Because every caucasian person isn't drinking beers in ront of their yard every day. And also because every black person isn't ghetto, loud, degrading to theirselves. It's kind of offensive because this is the way people end up judging every black person or even every caucasian person. Everyone that may look a certain way really isn't that way. The cartoons don't really offend me because I know where I stand in life and who I am.
    Tia Ayo

  8. In the Boondocks, it was based on racial sterotyping of their own race, -African Americans.

  9. In Boondocks it was the basic racial sterotype that most races even African Amercian feel they are or assume to be in King of the Hills it isn't as visible because they have a set of norms which means they have a limit and it's hard to pick on on all there races jokes.

    Jessica Cole